The Magic of Art on Marietta Square

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the art scene at Marietta Square is growing rapidly. With the outdoor markets coming to a close, I’ve had a few minutes to reflect on what a magical year it’s been. I am thankful for all of the new people I’ve met, and for finding a place where artists can thrive.

The morning was chilly for the November Artists Market, but that didn’t stop these friendly artists from coming out to Mill Street to share their wonderful creations.

Austin Cox with his painting "Blue Point." See more of his work at

Dianne Renee (right) with Happy Quilts creates clothes and blankets with 100% recycled wool.

Jack LeGrange, Shelley House, Jana Elliott, and Rebecca Richmond representing The Art Forum at DuPre's Antique Market.

A colorful display at the DuPre's tent.

Mill Street comes alive on market day.

Another early-morning view down Mill Street. Look for us again in April!


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